FINISHING Products & Application Techniques For Any Desired Effect

The finishing completes the fabric’s appearance and gives it the “final touch”. Special effects are produced during this process, such as wrinkle-free, easy-care, shrink resistance or a gloss effect . Proser Chemicals finishing products and processes meet the high technical and ecological production requirements of the textile finishing industry . Proser Chemicals is the pioneer in the application of functional additives and crosslinking agents on cellulosic material to achieve the easy-care and wrinkle-free effects.

Proser Chemicals products for finishing:

  • Crosslinking agents
  • Additives, smoothing agents and softeners
  • Filling and stiffening agents
  • Water- and oil-repellents
  • Antistatic agents and Hydrophilising agents
  • Calendering agents
  • Anti-pilling agents
  • Non-felting finish on wool