LUBRICANTS Evolution Of The Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic fibers have become a significant player in the textile market, finding uses in apparel, home furnishings, and technical applications. The fact that polyamide, polyester, and the like display many of the advantages of natural fibers – and quite a few more besides – can be attributed in part to high-performance spin finishes. They ensure that industrial and technical polyester yarns will not break under extreme processing conditions and give fine nylon yarns the smoothness they need for high-speed processing into elastic hosiery.

Fiber manufacturers around the world appreciate the reliability of our spin finishes. In terms of emulsifying capability and solubility, our products are at the top of the class. The same goes for wetting properties, film building on the fiber surface, yarn cohesion, and thread adhesion. Easy handling, high storage stability, and good wash-out characteristics are all part of the package with Proser Chemicals’ products..

Proser Chemicals products for Lubrication:

  • Spin Finishes PP (CF-BCF),PES
  • Spinning oils (PES,CV,WO,CO and blends)
  • Conning oils (PES, PA)