Services for Technical Troubleshooting When you don’t know how to solve a technical problem we’ll use our expertise, experience and vast range of contacts to find an appropriate solution for you. We will provide you with the detailed dyeing, finishing, chemical and textile information you need to let you concentrate on your specific areas of expertise. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dyer struggling to meet a customer’s challenging standards or a retailer or garment maker trying to help suppliers get their products delivered on time — we can provide the answer. Let Proser Chemicals provide your solutions to get rid of & prevent headaches in:
  • Sizing
  • Continuous and discontinuous Pretreatment Processes
  • Continuous and discontinuous Dyeing Processes
  • Color Fastness and Color Continuity
  • Denim Manufacturing Processes
  • Performance Finishes for all kind of textiles
  • Fabric Faults
Proser Chemicals’ Customized chemistry and methodology are cumulative to improve the quality of products and processes. Improving quality reduces rejects, reducing rejects reduces the energy, water and chemicals used which in turn reduces costs and environmental impacts. With over 15 years’ experience of setting and meeting world class technical, expertise; we are ideally placed to solve immediate problems related to meeting your customers’ requirements. Rather than coping with the ongoing symptoms of a sub-optimal factory we feel it’s better to tackle the root causes. We therefore normally commence with a factory audit, and use our experience in hundreds of factories around the world to implement tried and trusted methods for identifying the causes of problems.